My title as Miss. SouthEastern Saskatchewan represents a very heartwarming community. The people are so friendly and will take time out of their busy, personal lives to come help and support another member in the community. However, not only are the people in this region amazing, but so is the landscape itself. Saskatchewan has a stereotype known to all Canadians as being dull, boring and flat. I completely agree with these descriptions, but not all of Saskatchewan territory is like that.

The region I represent ranges from Estevan to Yorkton to Weyburn. There are so many lakes and a lot of mother nature to be seen. On the roads of this region you see green pastures and large fields, but that is not all. You see mountains and ski hills as well. I find this place, a place of versatile. It represents the prairies, mountains and also the city/town life.

Out of this entire landscape that I represent, I must say the downtown of my hometown Yorkton is my favorite. It has grown so much in the past decade and continues to develop as days go on. By that I mean there have been so many improvements in businesses, infrastructure and community help for the residents that reside here. This section of Yorkton is the most “city life” available in my city. There are no tall buildings in downtown Yorkton, but for me it is a place that feels like home.

Whenever I walk by all the small town businesses I feel a sense of welcoming. You can walk into any store and expect friendliness and you can find anything you are looking for just down one road: Broadway. I know exactly where to go when I need a specific product or service and that builds a sense of community between the residents. There are so many family businesses and only one business for one type of product or service. When you go there often you start building relationships with the employees and the owner themselves. This does not happen in bigger cities because there are a lot of corporations present in this decade and most of the times the workers there are not as approaching as the ones in smaller towns.

Another reason why I love this downtown is because it is so peaceful. There are not a lot of sounds and definitely safe on the traffic side. To get from one side of the downtown to the other takes merely two minutes because it is such a peaceful area. The area looks old, like the ones displayed in the 70s movies. There are no tall buildings and nothing overly fancy. There are just small businesses and small buildings that are over 80 years old. I myself believe that I am a big city girl, but in reality I find Yorkton’s downtown to be my perfect city life.

Other people believe their hot spot to be nature or a very monumental place, but not me. I am a very modern, business kind of girl. I love places with lots of people and stores to explore. This spot became my hot spot because I walked down this place all the time. Whether that be to go to work to get to a certain building. I always noticed the different businesses, that were personal and not taken over by bigger corporations and franchises. It just felt like a sense of belonging to me because people were so personal down this street and it felt like a big family of Yorkton ready at your service.

I am so proud to be representing these amazing people that treat one another so dearly, but I beam with joy when I realize that I also represent this amazing piece of land. The land is truly unbelievable with its versatile landscapes and weather, but personal feelings of community only come from within the people of south eastern Saskatchewan.


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