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I am so proud of my community today. Everybody here is so supportive and willing to take their time out of their busy lives in order to help out a stranger. As a way of fundraising for the Children’s Wish Foundation, I set a steak night in collaboration with Tapps. I only had 6 days to sell tickets and it was very hectic with final exam week being in the same week. However, I tried asking as many people in my school, and workplace if they would like to contribute to this wonderful cause by purchasing a ticket and attending the steak night.

Many of these people said yes, I would love to, but some could not go. Their reason was they were out of town or busy that weekend, but the people that could not make it either purchased a ticket and told me to give to somebody else or just gave a cash donation. I really got the experience the amount of love and support my little town and community provides to individuals.

During the evening of the steak night, I sported my crown and sash and waited by the door to greet the people that had supported me. Some people I knew because I had personally sold the tickets to them, but some I did not know because they purchased tickets from my parents at work. I loved greeting them and thanking them. They had no idea how much purchasing one ticket really means to me and the cause.

In conclusion I am very honoured and thankful that I live in a community with so much appreciation for one another. I am also very proud to be representing this community through my crown!

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