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This week I had an honorable experience of participating in a parade for the  very first time! I went with Yorkton tourism and was happily able to showcase my title. My duty was to wave at people, give them a warm feeling and pass out candy and tattoos to little children.

Meeting with each individual child and personally handing out treats was just a joyful experience. However, at a point all the candies and goodies were handed out which was terrifying. I expected people to be rude because I had nothing to give out. I flet really embarrassed walking through the parade having nothing to give out, however that didn’t last long. I started to just smile and wave at all the people I was strolling by and I was surprised to see so many smile back, wave and chirp hi back to me. Some shouted “Hey it’s Miss. SouthEastern Saskatchewan, HELLO!!” Some pulled out their phones and cameras to snap a shot of me. I felt so shy yet it was a moment of triumph for me.

The parade I felt so shy to enter into had made me feel so wonderful. It’s amazing to see the people I am representing come out and give you a big, warm welcome and cheer. I really feel so proud to be representing these people. They truly are so supportive and filled with positive vibes and both of those things push me to be the best representative of this region.

I forgot to mention that this parade was another celebration at Canada’s 150th birthday. I also apologize for not including any pictures of me actually walking through the parade and the reason being is my friends and family were unable to capture a shot. However, I have included post parade pictures of myself and s snapshots of the parade.

Thank you so much for all the support from everybody and happy Canada 150 again!





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