Welcome back to all my supporters!

Today’s post is one that contrasts from my other posts. By that I mean it is not a post about appearances or myself meeting others. Today I want to share with you the way I received most of my donation money, sponsorship money and the fundraising idea that really worked out for me.

A few months ago I thought of an idea of doing a bottle drive as a way to fund-raise for the Children’s Wish Foundation. My mom started collecting all the bottles from her workplace and slowly that started to build up. then I printed out door hangers and went to different neighborhoods and hanging them on their doors with information about me, my bottle drive, and the date.  Then when the date of collection came up, we took a truck and headed off to pick up whatever we could.

It was unbelievable to see how many people supported the bottle drive and within minutes our truck was full with bags full of bottles and cans. Not only that, but my parents and teachers talked to other community members about my bottle drive, and they also contributed. Some dropped off their recyclables to our door and others gave us their address to go pick up the bottles from their house.

With so many people contributing to this cause we had our garage filled with different types of recyclables. My whole family set out to help me sort them into different categories. Then we took them down to Sarcan Recycling to deposit them. Not only did this fundraising technique cause A LOT of work and help me out, but I really loved giving back to the environment. I’m an environmentalist and being provided by the chance to be able to recycle over 10,000-15,000 bottles, cans, etc., is really a pleasure!


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