My title as Miss. SouthEastern Saskatchewan represents a very heartwarming community. The people are so friendly and will take time out of their busy, personal lives to come help and support another member in the community. However, not only are the people in this region amazing, but so is the landscape itself. Saskatchewan has a stereotype known to all Canadians as being dull, boring and flat. I completely agree with these descriptions, but not all of Saskatchewan territory is like that.

The region I represent ranges from Estevan to Yorkton to Weyburn. There are so many lakes and a lot of mother nature to be seen. On the roads of this region you see green pastures and large fields, but that is not all. You see mountains and ski hills as well. I find this place, a place of versatile. It represents the prairies, mountains and also the city/town life.

Out of this entire landscape that I represent, I must say the downtown of my hometown Yorkton is my favorite. It has grown so much in the past decade and continues to develop as days go on. By that I mean there have been so many improvements in businesses, infrastructure and community help for the residents that reside here. This section of Yorkton is the most “city life” available in my city. There are no tall buildings in downtown Yorkton, but for me it is a place that feels like home.

Whenever I walk by all the small town businesses I feel a sense of welcoming. You can walk into any store and expect friendliness and you can find anything you are looking for just down one road: Broadway. I know exactly where to go when I need a specific product or service and that builds a sense of community between the residents. There are so many family businesses and only one business for one type of product or service. When you go there often you start building relationships with the employees and the owner themselves. This does not happen in bigger cities because there are a lot of corporations present in this decade and most of the times the workers there are not as approaching as the ones in smaller towns.

Another reason why I love this downtown is because it is so peaceful. There are not a lot of sounds and definitely safe on the traffic side. To get from one side of the downtown to the other takes merely two minutes because it is such a peaceful area. The area looks old, like the ones displayed in the 70s movies. There are no tall buildings and nothing overly fancy. There are just small businesses and small buildings that are over 80 years old. I myself believe that I am a big city girl, but in reality I find Yorkton’s downtown to be my perfect city life.

Other people believe their hot spot to be nature or a very monumental place, but not me. I am a very modern, business kind of girl. I love places with lots of people and stores to explore. This spot became my hot spot because I walked down this place all the time. Whether that be to go to work to get to a certain building. I always noticed the different businesses, that were personal and not taken over by bigger corporations and franchises. It just felt like a sense of belonging to me because people were so personal down this street and it felt like a big family of Yorkton ready at your service.

I am so proud to be representing these amazing people that treat one another so dearly, but I beam with joy when I realize that I also represent this amazing piece of land. The land is truly unbelievable with its versatile landscapes and weather, but personal feelings of community only come from within the people of south eastern Saskatchewan.


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Everywhere I go in my little town I see people wearing completely different, yet fashionable outfits. It’s amazing to see the creativity of the locals when it comes to fashion, and how two people can wear opposite trends and still pull it off perfectly. When I stroll around the streets of my hometown, I find a fashionable scene on every corner. Everybody looks stunning in whatever fashion they have chosen to compliment themselves with.

fashion church sask
I can’t decide which street would be the most ideal to label as the most fashionable street, however there is one place that means so much to all the residents here and that is the church. This church is located on Catherine St of Yorkton, Saskatchewan. I consider this street to be a very versatile street with its fashion choices. This is because people from all age groups come to this street wearing different trends and styles.

Catherine Street provides no fashion boutiques, but it is amazing to see the different trends people sport. Seniors tend to wear amazing pastel colors and old trend clothing, while the teenagers and youth tend to wear colours that brighten up the street and sport the latest fashions. It is a street where you can spot people from all age ranges and see the unique fashions present within the age groups. I decided to go to the street myself, and present the my own street fashion and photograph it.

green body suit for church in Saskatchewan

Helli in a green body suit, skirt and heels.

The first look I went for was a green bodysuit, that was $24.99 at Winners bought in Yorkton, and paired it up with some classic black and white shorts purchased at $10.99 from Ardennes also bought in Yorkton. This bodysuit and shorts look has been a big hype on all social media platforms and it has not gone away still. It is a look that a lot of young females have sported every now and then. Whether that be for taking a stroll in the mall or going out to the beach, a bodysuit has become a top trend in every girl’s closet this year.

Helli in a fashionable romper on Catherine Street in Yorkton Saskatchewan

The next look I portrayed at Catherine St was a fancy, yet fashionable romper. Rompers have taken over the fashion world the last couple of years and this one is a perfect, fancy romper that is perfect to wear into the church as well. It is black and white and made completely of lace! It was purchased from Rosegal for $14.99 along with the black stilettos that were $19.99. I adore this look because it is a perfect look for a night out as well as for a walk in the park. I love outfits that serve both as a day look and a night look because picking out clothes for both the day and the ngiht is a stressful job that this romper has taken care of.

saskatchewan blog fashion, Yorkton,

Helli in a sweater by Zaful with Lululemon Leggings

The last look of this street is a very casual and autumn outfit. I love how versatile fashion on this street is. It is very easy to sport a casual outfit here or an outfit that is for fancy purposes. This outfit consists of a knitted sweater which is so comfortable and so in demand these past few years. The sweater is from Zaful for $34.99 paired with Lululemon Leggings at $99.99 accessorized with a hat from Forever 21 for $14.99. To pull this whole look off and make it more trendy was to pair it off with some moccasins from Minnetonka for $49.99.

While one street can present so many different people with different styles, it is wonderful to be sporting three different styles on one street myself. I love how individuals here choose their fashion and everybody’s definition of fashion is different. On Catherine St in Yorkton, everybody is allowed to sport any style they wish to, just like I did! The essential thing to becoming a fashionista is to be versatile and unique!

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Welcome back everybody!

My town is such a cheerful place at the moment because of the annual Yorkton fair. The fair is filled with rides, prizes and of course delicious food. I am so honored to have a chance to be able to serve the people of my region some amazing dishes by volunteering my time at the Rotary Club of Yorkton booth. This booth sold so many classic foods and all the contributions from the sales went to charity.

The Rotary Club is an international service organization. Their purpose is to allow businesses to come together to provide humanitarian services, encourage high ethical standards and to advance goodwill and peace around the world. The best part of this organization, despite the charity aspect, is there are so many volunteers. These volunteers can be anybody regardless of race, color, religion, gender, or political preference.

I feel triumph knowing that I was part of such an amazing cause and an amazing group of people. I was so proud of be able to volunteer and help out for two days of the fair with no expectation in return. However, I received the feeling of self accomplishment in the end. I love volunteering because it is a way to restore faith in humanity and I adore the feeling you are left with once you volunteer. You feel honored and proud of yourself.

My duty was to serve other community members homemade food and collect the money. I love meeting new people, even if it is through a cashier window. It’s lovely seeing the people I represent at events and greeting all of them with my title. Thank you to all that came out and said hi to me! I really appreciate all the love and support that is being given to me on my journey. Thank you!

FullSizeRender (1)

FullSizeRender (2)

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Welcome back to all my supporters!

Today’s post is one that contrasts from my other posts. By that I mean it is not a post about appearances or myself meeting others. Today I want to share with you the way I received most of my donation money, sponsorship money and the fundraising idea that really worked out for me.

A few months ago I thought of an idea of doing a bottle drive as a way to fund-raise for the Children’s Wish Foundation. My mom started collecting all the bottles from her workplace and slowly that started to build up. then I printed out door hangers and went to different neighborhoods and hanging them on their doors with information about me, my bottle drive, and the date.  Then when the date of collection came up, we took a truck and headed off to pick up whatever we could.

It was unbelievable to see how many people supported the bottle drive and within minutes our truck was full with bags full of bottles and cans. Not only that, but my parents and teachers talked to other community members about my bottle drive, and they also contributed. Some dropped off their recyclables to our door and others gave us their address to go pick up the bottles from their house.

With so many people contributing to this cause we had our garage filled with different types of recyclables. My whole family set out to help me sort them into different categories. Then we took them down to Sarcan Recycling to deposit them. Not only did this fundraising technique cause A LOT of work and help me out, but I really loved giving back to the environment. I’m an environmentalist and being provided by the chance to be able to recycle over 10,000-15,000 bottles, cans, etc., is really a pleasure!


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Hello everybody!

This week I had an honorable experience of participating in a parade for the  very first time! I went with Yorkton tourism and was happily able to showcase my title. My duty was to wave at people, give them a warm feeling and pass out candy and tattoos to little children.

Meeting with each individual child and personally handing out treats was just a joyful experience. However, at a point all the candies and goodies were handed out which was terrifying. I expected people to be rude because I had nothing to give out. I flet really embarrassed walking through the parade having nothing to give out, however that didn’t last long. I started to just smile and wave at all the people I was strolling by and I was surprised to see so many smile back, wave and chirp hi back to me. Some shouted “Hey it’s Miss. SouthEastern Saskatchewan, HELLO!!” Some pulled out their phones and cameras to snap a shot of me. I felt so shy yet it was a moment of triumph for me.

The parade I felt so shy to enter into had made me feel so wonderful. It’s amazing to see the people I am representing come out and give you a big, warm welcome and cheer. I really feel so proud to be representing these people. They truly are so supportive and filled with positive vibes and both of those things push me to be the best representative of this region.

I forgot to mention that this parade was another celebration at Canada’s 150th birthday. I also apologize for not including any pictures of me actually walking through the parade and the reason being is my friends and family were unable to capture a shot. However, I have included post parade pictures of myself and s snapshots of the parade.

Thank you so much for all the support from everybody and happy Canada 150 again!





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Welcome back lovelies!

I am so proud of my community today. Everybody here is so supportive and willing to take their time out of their busy lives in order to help out a stranger. As a way of fundraising for the Children’s Wish Foundation, I set a steak night in collaboration with Tapps. I only had 6 days to sell tickets and it was very hectic with final exam week being in the same week. However, I tried asking as many people in my school, and workplace if they would like to contribute to this wonderful cause by purchasing a ticket and attending the steak night.

Many of these people said yes, I would love to, but some could not go. Their reason was they were out of town or busy that weekend, but the people that could not make it either purchased a ticket and told me to give to somebody else or just gave a cash donation. I really got the experience the amount of love and support my little town and community provides to individuals.

During the evening of the steak night, I sported my crown and sash and waited by the door to greet the people that had supported me. Some people I knew because I had personally sold the tickets to them, but some I did not know because they purchased tickets from my parents at work. I loved greeting them and thanking them. They had no idea how much purchasing one ticket really means to me and the cause.

In conclusion I am very honoured and thankful that I live in a community with so much appreciation for one another. I am also very proud to be representing this community through my crown!

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Happy Canada 150 everybody!

Yesterday was the 150th birthday of Canada and it was a pretty important event here. I am very proud to say I am part of this glorious country and all the abrupt weather changes it brings to us.

I am very happy to classify myself as a Canadian because this country brings so much positivity. To show my love to Canada on its 150th birthday, I decided to attend its birthday party thrown in my city. I lent a hand to a museum, who was the host of the party, and who organized an amazing Canada Day event.  I was responsible for distributing Canadian pins, flags and the oath of citizenship bookmarks to the crowd that had come to enjoy the celebration as well. There were also so many activities such as tractor rides, golf games, plinko, selfie competition, and CUPCAKES!

It was adorable witnessing little children all dressed up in their Canadian outfits and becoming a true Canadian patriot. I loved approaching them with a smile and handing them a little flag of Canada and pinning on a little pin to their t-shirts. See the little humans get so ecstatic over such a minor gift melted my heart. Canadians become patriots at such a young age, it is incredible!

I also felt like a patriot by sporting my sash and crown. Displaying my title to the crowd gave me a sense of responsibility that I was representing my city at this event and I needed to be positive and cheerful. It was wonderful seeing people approach me to congratulate me and they also stayed to socialize and ask questions. It was wonderful meeting all these new people and making friends.

I hope you guys enjoy these pictures from the big birthday party from yesterday as much as I enjoyed the celebrations! Happy 150th birthday Canada and thank you for allowing me to show you my true patriot love on your special day!


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Welcome everybody!

I never knew I would get a chance to be writing as a person representing my city and my home. I honestly never believed that the chance of being crowned would ever be granted to me. It is still taking me a long time to grasp on to the fact that I now represent my city and its people and I have to do an amazing job letting the rest of not only Canada, but the world know how compassionate we all really are. The experience leading up to the pageant was a complete surprise! I did not know what I needed to prepare and getting everything prepared just happened so fast. In the end, all that I and the other delegates prepared for was only for a two-day weekend!

Even though we were only allowed to be able to spend two days with the other lovely ladies, it seemed fulfilling. We all walked in to the room as strangers and by the end of the two days we all felt like sisters. During the two days we had gotten so attached to each other and created so many memories that will always remain within us for a lifetime. We never saw this as a competition, but more like a way to express your personality and differences. Who thought during that we would make such a big pageant family that we would hold on to for life!?

My journey to the stage started off with my mom showing me the Miss World Canada website and telling me that I should go for it. I looked at my mom rather funny, like mom you cannot be serious.  She really persuaded me to step my foot into the pageant and we had to get everything prepared last minute. It seemed like a rush hour until the end. I kept thinking to myself about the reasons why I ever took part in this, I despised it. However, during the moment all the girls were on stage during the crowing moment, I did not regret my decision at all. I was quite proud of myself for making it up there in such a short period of time.

When my name got announced during the crowning moment, I was surprised and shocked. I was also really worried because now I would have so much responsibility on me. I am representing a certain part of the world and I cannot let anybody down. I have to act in a certain manner and do positive things that will impact the society little by little. It was overwhelming at first, but now it seems like a passion that I’m really driven towards. I cannot wait for the nationals to showcase myself again and to meet many more pageant sisters!

I believe if you really try something new with a positive attitude and try your hardest, you may find out a passion within you that you never knew you had. Nothing in life comes prepared or predicted, you just have to enjoy your life and make sure that you leave with no regrets. Open that door with a lock and walk past it to discover something you may never know was made for you. Don’t be scared to apply your dreams to real life!

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