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Some things you cherish your whole life, and for me this is one of them. I never saw this coming for me in the future, but here I am representing my city. April 9th felt like it was yesterday. Standing on that stage thinking I made it so far there is no going back. Being the first runner up for Miss Saskatchewan and the title holder of my city cannot make me anymore happy then I already am.

I know that at first hearing about this I thought it was just a walk in a gown looking pretty. On tv it may look like that, yet there is so much behind all of it that needs to be done. Yes, you need to walk in a gown, but you also need to know how to walk, talk, and look good at all times. Without preparations, I would have walked into the show not knowing what I was doing. We learned how to properly sit, walk, answer questions, and have fun while we were there in just two days.

I cannot be any more thankful for the people I met there, they were helpful in any way possible. They taught me a different way of life. The people there were very inspirational especially the judges. At first, I was scared of them, but once they talked to us at the end of the show they were so nice and sweet. They never wanted us to be scared they tried to make us feel welcomed as one family. Soon my family will be reunited in Toronto.

Written by: Darina
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