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July 1st, 1867 was the day the British North American Act(now known as the Constitution Act 1867) marked the creation of Canada. Before I get into how my wonderfully joy and activity filled day lets talk about the member of honour for the day Canada! Canada actually got it’s name (if I was taught correctly in Native Studies) from a miss-translation for the First Nations and the Europeans of the word Kanata, now this was LONG before the country came to be but it wouldn’t be Canada without that fact. Now as I’m sure every Canadian and their dog knows, Canada is now 150 years old! Did you know for the 100th anniversary Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II participated in the ceremony taking place on Parliament hill, I’m sure it was quite the event! Canada Day was actually called Dominion Day until October 27 1982, now I can’t imagine calling it anything but Canada Day but I’m sure lot’s of people alive today still call it Dominion Day due to the change being so recent, but hey no judgement we are all just celebrating our beautiful country so call it what you want!

Now my Canada day’s are always a little different because I’m from so many different little places I go through the same debate of WHERE? Where do I want to be, what will be the most fun, where will most my friends be, etc. etc. I normally end up in Snow Lake (MB) and take part in the parade, every year for the past however many, the parade is by far always my favourite part! Now Canada Day in Snow Lake is a roughly as follows: Parade, a what essentially equates to a town wide, all day beach party (the town is centered around, you guessed, a lake), and then after there are a few parties or barbecues, lots of people go out on their boats if it’s nice(unlike this year since it’s rained ALL SUMMER) and then at 11:45 everyone gathers in the baseball diamond across from the beach (
or in their boats or wherever they think is best really) are we watch as and hour worth of the most beautiful fireworks! I mean I hate to brag but Snow Lake puts on a phenomenal show every year, huge thanks to the men and women involved in the show! This year was extra crazy though because it just so happened to be the 70th anniversary for the town so in this town of normally MAYBE 1000 (maybe) people there were SO MANY more people in this small town making it crowded but thankfully the weekend went of with very few hitches, which I’m sure the RCMP and other EMS providers appreciated, because it’s never any fun when the party gets ruined by injury or anything else! All in all it was a 3 days event and it was a blast! sadly I am awful at documenting things in pictures BUT I do have one, it won’t let me upload it with this post though so I’ll throw it on my facebook, twitter, and instagram!

Happy 150th Canada! you don’t look a day over 125!

Celebrating Canada day in any town or province is always a privilege, and I love all my small towns Manitoba and Saskatchewan

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Now that I’ve formally introduced myself in the title I’d like to tell you a little bit more about myself. To start I’m 19 years young and live in Northern Saskatchewan/Manitoba in a cluster of close knit communities, situated directly on the border of the 2 provinces mentioned previously, and the names are Creighton (SK), Denare Beach (SK), Flin Flon (SK/MB) , and Snow Lake (MB) and I consider them all to be home. This living situation is quite confusing to people who don’t live within in it so in a future post I will go more in depth about what it’s like living in such a unique environment because it is such a huge part of who I am and why I do everything I do, but for now I’d like you to learn a little bit more about my past so let’s dive in!


Before I was crowned Miss Northern Saskatchewan World 2017 I was just working in a daycare saving money to go to university, but that’s not very interesting let’s go back a little further that January 1st 2017! I’ll insert a brief timeline of a couple of the adventures I’ve been on in the last 2 years, including my long term Rotary youth exchange to Slovakia, for the sake of saving time.

~Present Day~

Currently I live in Creighton(SK), but work in Snow Lake(MB). These two towns are 2 hours apart. All four places are quite small so there isn’t a whole lot I can do to help around the community but whenever the chance arises I always participate in town events! I work at the local golf course, which ironically I actually do not know how to golf I just work there.

Now all that is fine and dandy but that’s essentially just a lot about what I do and I’d like to tell you about who I am as a person also! If I were to pick the most accurate word to describe me, in my opinion, it would curious. Contrary to many people’s thoughts about me, I LOVE to learn new things, the new thrills and challenges that come with something that you have never known or experienced before is absolutely the best thing on earth! I also have another trait that is directly linked to my curiosity and it’s my sense of wanderlust. Any one who knows me at all knows I either planning my next trip and new adventure or I’m living it, I’m very active in my travelling, I have been to 12 countries so far, and hopefully always will be because it is arguably the most enlightening experience you can have. I do enjoy some past-times that aren’t ridiculously expensive or require a passport, like reading, currently I’m reading King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, most outdoor activities, both winter and summer, as long as bugs are kept to minimum, and just having some sort of general fun.

So now that I’ve essentially written the longest, most in-depth dating profile with some rough grammar about myself, how about I add some pictures of me, and some of me and my friends travelling, and some of the places I’ve been, because who doesn’t love to scroll through images of other people and their lives, I know I sure do that’s what instagram is for!

Until the future!



Written by: Sidney
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