Life is full of surprises, that’s why you should live and enjoy your life, no matter what comes in your way. Your past doesn’t define you, I remember when I was is Uganda. I was told that I can not be Miss Uganda because I was an immigrant, But when I reach Canada I was told a different story. Here in Canada everyone has the same right no matter where you are from. Even though you are an immigrant, in Canada you can still have the same value and you can be what you want. Being an immigrant cannot stop you. It was at that moment,  I realise that I  am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become. I have recently been crowned Miss Prince Albert World 2020. I will be representing Saskatchewan at Miss World Canada 2020 in Toronto, ON beauty pageant this November 1st. I am grateful for this great opportunity that is offered to me that I have the privilege to represent Prince Albert and our beautiful province of Saskatchewan at the National Miss World Canada Beauty Pageant 2020 in Toronto, ON. I am willing to encourage immigrants and youths to believe in themselves so that they can pursue and fulfil their goal and dream. I am having the privilege and honour of supporting various non-profit organisations.

May every immigrant who witnessed this moment Forever Believe in the power of her dream and to be selected as Miss Prince Albert World 2020 is both an honour and a responsibility. If I were to be Miss World Canada 2020, I will use my voice to encourage the youth and raise awareness of human injustice/ human right.


Written by: Laeticia Mwayuma
Posted On: Categories:Miss World Canada

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