This past summer I had the wonderful privilege of partnering with Prince Albert Grand Council and The Saskatchewan Health Authority to volunteer and help feed the homeless within my city of Prince Albert. Not only did I have the opportunity to work alongside kindred spirited individuals who had a desire to help others, but I was also humbled by the gratitude and appreciation of those who were accessing the resources. I will be forever grateful for this experience as I was reminded of how truly fortunate I am, and how there are many who do not have the same advantages as myself and others. My eyes were opened to see how many were suffering and didn’t have access to nutritious food, adequate shelter, and proper clothing. Often times, I feel as though it’s easy to become stuck in an isolated routine and disregard the harsh reality of the homeless & underprivileged within our cities. For this reason, I believe it’s so important to practice self-reflection on a consistent basis, and rather than casting judgment or criticism on others and their circumstances, learn how to be part of the answer!

Yours Truly,

Natasha Tabuchi

Miss Central Saskatchewan

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