My life is full of struggle . since I was a baby. My mother said that the doctor said that we were not going to make it, we will died  but God save us, that is why my parents name my twin sister Gracia that mean by the grace of God we were born  and I Laeticia that mean  that we brought joy and happiness  (French La Joie). When I was 3 years-old my father was poisoned and died. His family took everything from us. That is how my life turn round from rich family to poor one.We had nobody in our side. My mother taught us how to survive and to be independent at the young age. She always said that we should never give up in life, everything was going to be OK that we should be brave and archive our dreams no matter what. That gave me hope.  I knew that one day I was going to archive my dream. Even thought  I did not have time  to go to a  training or to play around like a normal girl. After school  I had to work. But I never give up in my dream.

Written by: Laeticia Mwayuma

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