My life is full of struggle . since I was a baby. My mother said that the doctor said that we were not going to make it, we will died  but God save us, that is why my parents name my twin sister Gracia that mean by the grace of God we were born  and I Laeticia that mean  that we brought joy and happiness  (French La Joie). When I was 3 years-old my father was poisoned and died. His family took everything from us. That is how my life turn round from rich family to poor one.We had nobody in our side. My mother taught us how to survive and to be independent at the young age. She always said that we should never give up in life, everything was going to be OK that we should be brave and archive our dreams no matter what. That gave me hope.  I knew that one day I was going to archive my dream. Even thought  I did not have time  to go to a  training or to play around like a normal girl. After school  I had to work. But I never give up in my dream.

Written by: Laeticia Mwayuma
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My name is Laeticia Mwayuma, I have recently been crowned Miss Prince Albert World 2020. I will be representing Saskatchewan at Miss World Canada 2020 in Toronto, ON beauty pageant, on the 1st of November to the 7th. I am grateful for this great opportunity that is offered to me that I have the privilege to represent Prince Albert and our beautiful province of Saskatchewan at the National Miss World Canada Beauty Pageant 2020 in Toronto, ON. I am willing to encourage immigrants and youths to believe in themselves so that they can pursue and fulfil their goal and dream.

And to give them hope,  inspire them to never give up in life. even though they may have lost everything in life, since they are alive, it means there is hope. They still have hope….They have  to keep believing and moving forward.


Written by: Laeticia Mwayuma
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This summer, I’ve focused on some volunteer work to better my community. I have been volunteering with various organizations over the years, but I wanted to make sure that my experiences this year would revolve around local organizations and my Beauty with a Purpose project. I personally believe that giving back to others who need help can make all the difference in the world. My experiences have allowed me to develop professional relationships and connect with various community members, learn new skills, and take on challenges I have never encountered before!

This year, I had the privilege of volunteering with the Prince Albert Grand Council (PAGC), who were distributing various care packages across the community to those in need. PAGC is a First Nations organization consisting of numerous reserves; their goal is to be a unified voice to address various concerns that First Nations individuals encounter on a day to day basis. When the COVID pandemic hit home, many people were caught off guard leaving many seniors and families lacking basic necessities. The care packages that we delivered to multiple homes in the Prince Albert area included meals, groceries, and basic toiletries. My heart was filled with joy as I was able to see the impact a simple act of kindness made in other people’s lives. A huge thank you goes out to PAGC for allowing me to partner with them for this experience.

For more pictures and to follow my journey… visit

Written by: Natasha
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Hi everyone! My name is Natasha Tamiko Tabuchi and I was selected to compete at the Miss World Canada 2020 beauty pageant as Miss Central Saskatchewan. I am incredibly proud to call Prince Albert, Saskatchewan my home, and am excited to represent this beautiful province on the big stage.

Here are some fun facts about me, my personal hobbies, and future goals:

~I am currently 23 years of age

~I am a mix of Caucasian & Japanese

~I was born in a northern community called Sioux Lookout, Ontario

~I recently just completed a four-year bachelor degree in Social Work from the     University of Regina

~I love to dance (primarily Latin dancing)

~I sing, play piano, and am a part of a church band

~My father was a police officer and I aspire to follow in his footsteps

~I enjoy experiencing new cultures and traveling internationally (I have been all over the U.S., Ireland, Scotland, France, Mexico, and Japan)

The moment I discovered I was chosen to represent Saskatchewan at Miss World Canada 2020, I felt elated, excited, and joyful to be given such an amazing opportunity. Competing in a pageant has always been a dream of mine; from talent competitions, beautiful flowing gowns, inspirational speeches, and photo-shoots. Although I have never competed in a pageant before and have been pushed out of my comfort zone time and time again, I am forever grateful that I have the chance to grow and expand my understanding of what it truly takes to bea pageant contestant.

Some of the things I’ve been doing to prepare myself are attending pageant related classes, watching and reviewing previous pageants, charitable work for the Children’s Wish Foundation, volunteering within the community of Prince Albert, and developing my beauty with a purpose platform. I have been extremely blessed to have an amazing support system of friends, family, and community members that have consistently been behind me since my announcement. At this moment, my focus is to make the most of my experience, proudly represent Central Saskatchewan, and give it my all on the national stage!

For more pictures and to follow my journey… visit

Yours Truly,

Natasha T.

Miss Central Saskatchewan

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Miss Saskatchewan message on COVID-19

Saskatchewan health safety and contribution to Canada Health In the pandemic

Saskatchewan has done a good job of flattening the curve effect of COVID-19.

As of June 30th, Saskatchewan had about 784 total cases but only 88 active cases
And high recovery cases of 682
…… unfortunately, 13 deaths were recorded in total in the province. Our heart goes out to the victims’ families ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Let’s work together to keep Canada safe
– Shalom Ogoh, Miss Saskatchewan World 2020

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Shalom Ogoh celebrates Canada day

Canada is 153 today.
we show our appreciation for diversity and peace in this beautiful country 

Happy Canada Day!

Today we celebrate the amazing place we call home and the people we share it with.
Unlike previous years, the last few months of 2020 have been hard throughout this pandemic but we have been there for one another because that’s what it means to be Canadian.
Canada’s success is because of its acceptance of diversity & the shared value for peace and compassion.

Today we celebrate the country we share and look to the future as we move forward together.

Happy Birthday Canada 🇨🇦 ❤️🤍❤️

– Shalom Ogoh, Miss Saskatchewan World 2020

Miss Saskatchewan 2020 shows har appreciation for Canada

Miss Saskatchewan 2020 shows her appreciation on Canada Day


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you may have lost everything in life, since you’re alive, it means there is hope.

Do not give up in life…..

Written by: Laeticia Mwayuma
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The season of crackling air and sparkly snow,  is finally over .

The smell of rain and the blossoming splendor of Spring is finally here.

My fav time of the year, where everything seems to come alive, the smell of fresh cut grass,  the warmth of the sun, and the sprout of cherry blossoms warms my heart.

Not as rigid as the winter & not as hot as summer ……….

 what is your fav season of the year?

winter, spring, summer, fall

hello spring, 4-seasons of Saskatchewan

The smell of fresh air

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Miss Saskatchewan 2020


     Newly crowned the title of Miss Saskatchewan 2020, I’m honoured to have been chosen for this role.

Hi, my name is Shalom Ogoh, and I’ll be representing the beautiful Province of Saskatchewan at the National competition of Miss World Canada 2020.

     I’m currently pursuing a degree in Economics at the University of Saskatchewan. I moved to Saskatoon at a young age and ever since called it my home. My love for Saskatchewan continues to grow, with Its flat scenery, it’s beautiful white Christmas and growing diversity.

– My interests are in Marketing, Aesthetics, Fundraising & Non-profit engagements.

– My strengths as a person and a leader are my driving force to becoming my best self.

      In the process of creating change; My platform is focused on health-care and gender-equality. I intend to promote my cause through charity awareness, fundraising, personal development and public speaking. In working on my platform, It is my wish to build community connections with like-minded people focused on making a positive impact in Saskatchewan, Canada and around the World.

…….  By my drive and hard work combined, my goal is to add value to this economy through various means and opportunities that present themselves.

For more content; follow my journey to Miss World Canada!


 – Shalom Ogoh, Miss Saskatchewan World 2020

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