Five days. Five whole days until my dream can officially come true. The dresses, the makeup, the stage, the lights, the friends, the fun! 5 days until myself and my family take off from the Saskatoon airport, and land in Toronto for 8 days.

That being said, I have been super busy packing all of my finest wardrobe pieces to show off for the week! My favourite outfit is my evening gown! I won’t go into detail about it because I want it to be a surprise, but its full of sparkles and diamonds and my favourite color in the whole world! However, i am most excited for the talent competition. For the talent competition i will be performing my musical theatre/open solo from my previous dance year. It was definitely my all time favourite solo i have ever done.

Being from such a small town I have been amazed by all the overwhelming support from friends, family, as well as surrounding communities. Some of my biggest supporters that have been by my side since day one are obviously my family, as well as my boyfriend Evan. They have helped me with everything from packing my clothes, getting me tools to help better myself and my performance for the pageant, and really helping me believe in myself. Having their support as well as everyone else’s has truly made my heart flutter and I will be forever grateful for everyone else who has been by my side and cheering me on!

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