I have been requested to come share some words of wisdom at Valley View School in Beauval, Saskatchewan a community about 300 kilometres North of Prince Albert. The school is committing a whole day teaching the children tips on self care and to supply the youth with healthy scoping skills. I am going to a children’s wilderness camp called St. John Bosco Wilderness Camp while this event is going on and am unable to attend. I have taken the time to write a letter, and it will be read to the students in Beauval, between ages 11-17.
I would like to share this letter;
Thank You! :

Letter for Valley View Students
Hello everyone,
My name is Lisa and I am sorry I could not make it here today to meet you all. Since today is so important I still wanted to take the time today to share a message with everyone here.
Today’s topic and main focus is on ‘Peers helping Peers” and how young people can learn new skills that can help them in a difficult time. I have a few different ideas that I would like to share regarding how these feelings come into place, and how you can prevent them, or handle them if they do come.
� Starting with creating a safe environment. If you are not in a safe and 100% comfortable environment, over a long period of time, your thoughts may begin to spiral into sadness, because of the lack of support and you will begin to lose yourself. What does safe mean? Safe to me means there are no limits of what you can say or feel. Everyone should have the right to be 100% themselves.
Its okay to ask questions.
Its okay to be wrong.
Its okay to be right and proud.
To prevent thoughts of negativity we need to help our peers to feel safe, and they will do the same in return. You come to school almost every single day. I truly hope every single classroom is filled with this safe comforting feeling of no judgement and only acceptance. This is how you will begin to help your peers before they even realize they need it! Take action before your friends become depressed or stressed.
� Now sometimes people are really good at hiding their feelings, (which should not be if their environment is safe) but sometimes people think its better to handle their thoughts on their own. Which is fine, but you need to handle it properly. Identify the different stages of your thoughts and when they are healthy and when they are not.
Stage One: Envision yourself sitting in the grass outside, and it is beautiful day. You can see a storm in the distance and you can vaguely hear thunder in the distance but it is in no harms way.
Stage Two: The storm is very close now, but you can still enjoy the sunshine.
Stage Three- The storm is here and its raining and pouring on you.
Stage Four- the storm is so out of control it has turned into a spiralling tornado of destruction.
Think of your sad thoughts as this storm. Its okay to have sad thoughts because it is important that you are not numb and can feel feelings you were meant to feel. But why sit under the rain when there is shelter available to protect you and help you out of harms way from the potential destructive tornado. It is your job to take yourself away from the storm once you see it coming closer. Rather then soaking up these negative distorted thoughts, you are able to go to shelter and identify when you need help or maybe a break from the chaos that is around you.
How to stop the storm:
There are many things that have been passed on to you guys today to stop this storm. But I hope you can prevent this storm from coming at all. By accepting everyone and ensuring that the environment you are creating for others is only made with love and good intentions.
� Life as a teenager can be difficult but also the most fun years of your life! Make the most out of every moment. Be aware of your thoughts. Notice the second a negative thought has popped in to your brain and immediately replace it with the opposite positive.
( example : I am scared my ill uncle will pass away, replace the thought with, “I only wish healing and health for my uncle” )
When you begin to only think in positive form, your life changes into one big positive. That is the way you begin to truly love the soul within your body and make the most of the life you were given.
Lastly I would like to share a few words of affirmations that I say to myself daily. I did not believe these things 1 year ago. If you talked to me years ago I would not believe the amazing happy person I have turned into today. But let me tell you, today I am so powerful and filled with hope brighter then the sun and I hope you guys take every bit of my sunshine with you. If you have dreams and wants you are blessed. To have dreams and wants in life is a luxury. And identify your goals and ambitions. No one says your goals have to be huge, they can be “I’m going to tell my loved ones I “love you” more. ”I’m going to to better in school,” whatever your dreams and wants are, just know it is beautiful you even have these wants, because many people are stuck in a rut and have the idea that they are not in control and can not go anywhere.
Now repeat after me, “ I will not judge anyone today” ( if everyone didn’t repeat, remind everyone that this is a safe environment and they can speak with courage and pride. “I will not judge anyone today, “ I will be aware of my thoughts” I will attach all thoughts with positive energy” “I will look at things from a new perspective when I am sad” I am blessed because I got to sleep in a bed last night”
Things do not change over night. I still see these storms sometimes in the distance, but I make a conscience thought as to how I react to them. Usually when I am sad I will let myself feel the way I am feeling, but I do not let it go longer then needed. After I have had my time to be a bit emotional I take a step back and look at the situation and try to figure out what the bigger lesson is. Every single hardship you will experience, you should take a lesson from. Consistency is key, do not give up after 5 days of change. Consistency is what makes you succeed.
Thank you everyone for listening, please let me know how you guys enjoyed my words!
Lisa Van Dyck, Miss Saskatchewan World 2018

Written by: Lisa
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