This time tomorrow I will be navigating my way through Toronto with some of the most beautiful women in Canada and I can hardly wait! Before I head off on this wonderful adventure I wanted to reflect back the last 3 months and all that this title has allowed me to do!


I made my first appearance at the Saskatchewan Marathon where I had the opportunity to hand out awards to the runners. This experience was amazing! It was great to see so many people getting active and involved! It was a true inspiration to get my butt into gear and start prepping for nationals!



I went and spoke to my first group of students about my platform! I was honoured to go back to the high school I graduated from and share my story. I felt whole knowing I was finally able to help young people with the same things I struggled with. There were several students and teachers who approached me in awe and thanked me for speaking to them. I can’t wait to continue to speak to more people in the community.

I made my second appearance at the Nutrien Kids Festival where I was an emcee on their mane stage for 3 days. There was so many amazing acts I got to introduce and see. It was a great opportunity for me to push forward my ideals of being proud enough in yourself to try anything you set your mind to (much like those performers had).


I spent the majority of July finding sponsors and raising money for myself and Children’s wish! I was able to gain a total of 17 sponsors! I truly couldn’t have done it without them! One of my main sponsors was motion fitness. Thanks to them I was able to lose 12 lbs in July!


In July I also had the opportunity to have some amazing pictures done!

Nationals is less than 24hrs away and I couldn’t be more excited! This isn’t the end but only the beginning! Wish me luck!

Until next time;




Calyssa 🙂

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