I am so happy to have a blog as I often think of ideas daily that I wish to share with people like me! My name is Lisa Van Dyck and I am 2018’s Miss Saskatchewan World. 

My life is filled with so many diverse experiences I don’t know where to start. I guess I will start with I was born and raised in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. I grew up watching a driven, entrepreneurial, single mother take poverty and turn it into success. I am an only child with my extended family overseas in Holland. Growing up I learned the value of a good work ethic watching my mother work full time and renovating the homes we lived in. I moved 13 times so my mom could work her way up in the housing market. 

Every single summer, starting at age 9, I attended St. John Bosco Wilderness Camp. This environment is like no other. St. John Bosco Wilderness Camp is an invitation to people to live, learn and share with each other in the natural environment that Mother Earth has provided us with and to develop a greater awareness and responsibility towards it. Through this medium, campers are encouraged to grow physically, mentally and spiritually, realizing the importance of nature in all aspects of life. This place is a place of freedom and no worries, it is a second home to me. At this camp, when I was 16 I attended a 21 day group hike, (7 days hiking, 7 days canoeing, 7 days hiking), which included a 24 hour “solo” on an island by yourself. The amount of life skills I’ve earned there to take and use in different life situations is uncountable and I am forever grateful for my limits being pushed.


Aside to the nature that Saskatchewan has to give me, I have travelled around the world and have taken even more life lessons and learned new perspectives from these diverse travels. Each country I have travelled to has shown me a new way of life I couldn’t have understood before seeing it with my own eyes. Here’s a list of where I have been, ; Holland, Germany, France, Iceland, USA (New York, Florida and California), El Salvadore, China, Hong Kong and as well as the beautiful Canadian cities Toronto and Vancouver.

Now let me tell you, aside visiting family in Holland, all trips I myself paid for by attaining a job while still being in High school. I have always been taught by my mother, “if I want something work hard and go get it”, and thats what I did.

I graduated high school in Prince Albert in 2016.  Since graduation I moved to Saskatoon and have been supporting myself by working two jobs. My full time job is working at a daycare, with 10-12 kids daily and I love my job with a passion. My second job is nannying for a young girl named Ellie.  My plan for the next 10 years is to develop quality childcare centres all over Saskatchewan in communities that need it most. 

I am beyond excited to have Miss Canada as a stage to show what I believe in and helping others while doing so. My platform is to help young people who struggle with depression. I have had a few news articles written about my platform and since then many people have contacted me, in regards for help. I met with a mother and daughter. The daughter is a young girl who finds herself depressed. I met with her to help her learn a new skill set in what to do when these feelings and thoughts surface. I have soooooo many things planned and I am eager to share it here in my blog!

Thanks for reading, will be posting more very soon! <3

Lisa Van Dyck, Miss Saskatchewan World 2018

Written by: Lisa
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