A few weeks back I posted this on Facebook wondering if I could give a brand new grad dress to a new graduate in my community for $20.00

as I know how stressful life, can be let alone perhaps not having all the support you may need in something so exciting as graduation. A girl I went to high school with messaged me that her best friend is going through a more difficult time at the moment and she thinks her friend would love the dress. Her best friend happened to be a girl I knew of, whom I went to elementary school with, (small world). A.J. The girl that bought the dress for her best friend, E.H. couldn’t thank me enough and it made me so happy I thought of this idea. The original dress I was going to give them didn’t fit, and I had a different one she could have. I would like to share this action of kindness to show people in my community small actions may have HUGE impacts in other peoples lives. My point is a dress that was sitting in my closet made someone smile brightly on an important day of their life. Lets do good for one another!

<3 Thank you A.J & E.H.!

E.H (left) A.J (right)

The $20.00 A.J. gave me will be included in my donation to Children’s Wish Foundation. Thank you!
Lisa Van Dyck, Miss Saskatchewan 2018

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