Summer feels like it has really started for me;

A very strong belief of mine is to always appreciate nature and its simplistic beauty. Begining around the age 9 I attended St. John Bosco Wilderness Camp. I gave a bit of a description about Bosco in my introduction blog and what this place means to me. Fortunately I got time off my jobs to take a week and be a camp leader again.

Before the end of the school year elementary schools choose Bosco to be their year-end activity for the classroom. That is what I will be doing for the next week, I am leaving tonight . I will be teaching children the beauty of nature and other outdoor skills with-in Saskatchewan’s eye catching wilderness. There is no internet connection or cell phone coverage so I am just keeping you readers up to date with what I am doing and why I won’t be posting up until next weekend! 
I will post photos of some of my adventures when I am back!

Thanks, Lisa Van Dyck, Miss Saskatchewan World 2018,

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